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Kathie Davis

Kathie Davis


I started scrapping after my brother-in-law was killed in Iraq in 2005. I made an album for my in-laws, then one for my husband....then I stumbled across a scrapbooking website and my life has never been the same! It has become my creative focus for the past year and I am loving it! I have met some fabulous people from all over the world, that have become important parts of my everyday life! I love the supportive atmosphere in the world of scrapping and it has truly become an important part of me. Entering the Amazing Race was just a fun way to challenge myself and I really didn't think I had a chance...there are so many fabulously talented scrappers out there! Then when I found out I had won a spot in the race I was shocked and honored to be included! WOW and what a crazy race it was! And here I am scrapping for Rusty Pickle...a dream come true!

A little about me: I am from beautiful Oregon & have 4 children three daughters and a son. My 3 girls are all in their teens and life can be a little crazy around here!! They all have such different personalities and it is fun to try to capture this in my scrapping! My son is eight and still has such a creative innocent mind, he pretends he doesn't like his picture taken but then always starts posing when the camera is clicking! I have been married to a fabulous man for eleven years, and feel as passionate about him today as I did eleven years ago! I am a nurse in an intensive care unit and love it (most of the time) I have felt both heartache and joy in this profession. Thanks for sharing a quick glimpse of my life!

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