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Kristi Egle

Kristi Egle


My name is Kristi Egle. I am so loving working with this great Pickle group and honored to be a part of the expertise and talent housed in it. I live in Fresno, CA, central to just about anything. That’s one reason it’s called the “Central Valley”. I have been married to my DH for almost 9 years. He is my biggest supporter of my scrapbooking world. My day job that never stops is SAHM to 3 great children, Samantha 14, Kameron 7, and Brooklin 5. These 4 are most usually the subject of my scrapbooking.

Although, I have always been involved in some type of craft or hobby, scrapbooking has stuck with me. In elementary school, I remember gluing all my cards I received for different occasions and school items into a large 12x12 green scrapbook. The inside pages were beige and textured. I loved that book and definitely have memories of it. I think I still have it.

My scrapbooking as it is now, started in 1995, shortly after my 14 yr. old was born. My sister took me to a crop party. I left purchasing the largest kit they had. Not really sure where to begin when I got home. From there, the girls of my family and I kept moving forward with this “new found” craft. The rest is history. For a long time, I was a buyer and not a user. So I finally decided to either make time to use my stuff or get rid of it. Well, I think we know what happened with that decision.
I love creating and writing stories with my family being the subject. It’s the best story to write.

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