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October 20, 2007


Amy v

Woohoo ... glad the fundraiser went well!! But still no answer to who won the contest - still crossing my fingers for my best friend! Oh well I will settle for another chance to win some pickle prizes!

Sarah M

You're so sweet doing all these giveaways!! I'd love me some pickles!

Debbie Lucero

Yea! Another chance for some goodies!


Nothing better than FREE PICKLES!!!!


Whooo HOOOOO! Thank you Thank You! I can't believe my Name was Drawn.!!!
Thanks RP!

Brek Noice

Hope its me this time! :)



more giveaways?!?! you guys are too cool....


Please pick me I need a pickle fix.

Robin N (tqmnurse)

Congratulations Karla....(Thinking she's a lucky dog!!!)...LOL...Hoping you pickilicious me next!


Congrats to Karla. I hope I'm next.


I need pickles! Rusty, that is! Glad to hear the fundraiser was a success and congrats to Karla!!

Heather Mellstrom

The suspense is killing me :)...I'm so glad the fundraiser was a success!! So sad I couldn't make it even though I'm an AZ gal...I manage a local scrapbook store so duty called. And congrats to the other local AZ gals who were the winners of the Pickle Party...I was honored to be among the finalist with you :)...Can't wait to see everyone's albums!


Congrats Kara!
Wow, RP has been busy traveling all around...CKU, fundraisers...busy, busy, busy!!

angelia hudson

WHEW-WEE! PICK ME! Big CONGRATS 2 Karla! You lucky pickle you! Angelia


Sweet pickles! You are so nice!


I am so thrilled to know the fund raiser went great - I hope to be there for the Utah one!!! Keep on rockin' & I'll keep on shoppin (for Rusty Pickle that is). :)

Kristi O

What fun fundraiser pic's. Rusty Pickle rocks!!! thanks for sharing...

Becky D.

even more?! what a great group!


congrats to Karla! :) Love all this Pickle goodness! :)


Thank you so much for your generosity. I enjoyed the classes so much, and all of the hard work and energy that you put into this fundraiser. You are an amazing company with a huge heart. I recieved some really bad news the night of the event, and just being there among such giving people couldn't have been any better. Thank you so much.

Jennifer A

If you must keep me in suspense at least give me some pickle goodies to play with... hee hee! You guys take as much time as you need!

On a side note, I am so floored by your generosity! This company is amazing from the ground up and I am so glad the fundraising went well.

Karen Simmons

Glad the fundraiser was a success, have been reading the Armstrong blog from afar in Aus after discovering it on your blog.
I admire the generosity in the SB industry for all of those who need it and the Armstrong family are truly blessed with the amount that you doing for them.
Keep up the great work, I have had the pleasure of meeting you here in Aus Lance, and you are a truly wonderful person along with your wife for doing these wonderful things
Regards and Best Wishes

Robyn W

pickle me please


Just found your blog a few days ago and I am loving the challenges, contests and updates on Where is Lance???
You are a funny guy!!


Usually the only way I get some extra Pickles
Is when I order them on my burgers at Macca's
A Rusty Pickle suprise would be SUCH a delight !

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