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February 13, 2008


Deborah Malbone

Yesterday's winner said it all, since Your stuff does get better and better! I keep asking my lss for more, and more, and more :)

Shirley C

Thanks for the contests! Love your products!


Very cool new lines. Can't wait til they hit the stores.



Thanks for previewing the new line!! I love it and can't wait to start scrapping!!!


I have always loved Rusty Pickle, and you just keep improving... Love the new lines!

Maria A

Rusty Pickle is the best! Can't wait for the Scrapbook Expo :)

angela green

i have always loved rusty pickle cant wait to get the new stuff


Wow! What wonderful stuff! Gotta have all of it!

angela green

the new range is great . cant wait for it to come here


I was lucky enough to go to CHA and last night I finally got to sit down with my catalogs and RP continues to be my favorite!!!

Jackie Gallagher

Rusty Pickle ROCKS!!! I love all of your stuff!

Brandy Baucom

Love love love it. :)
Please draw my name.
branbaucom @msn.com (no space)

Jen Harrrison

Awesome contests. Good luck all!


Your lines are the best!!!


Love it. Great contests.


I'm loving all the giveaways, looking forward to seeing what's next.


I would LOVE to try these, they are SO gooorgeous!!


So many goodies!!! I'm hoping to get lucky!! :)

stephanie meadows

Ooooh! I love this stuff!

Stephanie Meadows

liz aka javagirl

Great contest.. My LSS always gives me a personal call when your stuff hits their rcks... Love it keep it up.. Love seeing it.

melissa o.

Lovin the new paper! :)

Melissa Ullmann

You guys keep outdoing yourselves! ...And those chefs of yours really know how to chowcase your product! Makes me always need more!


Y'all have had some really cool lines recently, but I've always enjoyed RP products!


Love your product. The new stuff is fantastic. M


Oooh, I so love your lines and can't wait to see all your new stuff.

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