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February 15, 2008



are you serious!?!? a whole pack of rusty pickle fun!!

i didn't think it could get better than your chocolate fountain but this is awesome!

renee k

oooh, just what I need a whole pack of rusty pickle to enlighten me. This would be too cool.

Chris Pozzi

oh pick me please... these goodies are not availabel locally!!!!!!!!

melissa o.

RP goodies is exactly what the doctor ordered to help cure my winter blues... :)


ooh a whole pack of RP goodies - just what I need cos RP is my all time fave manufacturer EVER!! PLEEAAASSSEE pick me!!!


Oh wow you guys are so cool. I just love your prizes.

Cathy M

WOW this is for sure CRAZY! I'm crazy enough to try for this sweet giveaway. Pick CRAZY ME ME ME! I will open this sweet package and go hide and try to be creative in playing with this.
Thanks for a chance.


Craziness about sums up my life!


Ok Last time's the charm right?? Well we shall see if it works Pleaseeeeeeee Pick meeeeeee!!!

Heidi Y

Hope you're having fun at CHA!!! It's gotta be Crazy over there. I'd love some Craziness too!! Thanks for this Crazy Giveaway :)

Vicki A

Oh my gosh, I could use some more "crazy" in my life. Please, pick me! :)


Very cool, I would love to have some of your newest releases.


Cathy K.

Wow - so generous!


Wow, that is so awesome!! The last and the final RAK, fingers crossed!!! Thanks for doing this, can't tell you how much I have loved Rusty Pickle over the years and you continue to put out products that are just simply irresistable!! Truly, NOTHING rusty here!!


OH Man, what a wonderful prize! I've been Crazy over Rusty Pickle from the start and I guess I just keep getting crazier by the year! It doesn't help that you keep on ROCKIN' the designs! LOL.
Thanks for the chance to win. It keeps the adrenaline flowing!


I can say craziness! I feel crazy for entering these drawings every day but I'm just dying for a chance to try some of the new products out!!!


Sounds like the perfect line to scrap my crazy kids! =)


Seriously - awesome new products. Can't wait to get my hands on some.

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

Are You Kidding Me???? PLEASE! I really LOVE RP. In fact... I AM RP!!!My life is so easily defined with RP products, that it's a necessity. We're a match made in heaven!!! Signed...

Rusty Canadian


Wow! That is definitely craziness, but awesome craziness!


What a fabulous way to end this week! Pick me!!! I am totally crazy! hee hee


hmmm ... guess there is no chance for me!! ;) have a great day!!

Julie Mitchell from Canada

Yes I can say CRAZINESS!! I can even say it in French. C'EST FOU!!

Pick me!


CRAZINESS!! I would enjoy that SO much!!

Gloria L.

Do you think you can sneak that chocolate fountain in the CHA pack? LOL! Wish I could have been there - winning this would be the next bext thing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!
Gloria L.

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