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February 15, 2008


Brandy Baucom

WOOOOHOOOO, I would love to win this. Especially if it has the rockstar line in it. I am needing that for my husbands guitar pictures. :)


Maria C

Oh man how cool would that be to win. The latest releases. I would so love to win this.


Michelle Luther

I love Rusty Pickle, please pick me. :)

Tisha Hendricks

I would love to win a Rusty Pickle Prize package.
Thanks for the chance.

jenn hernandez

Your products are awesome! I would soooo love to have your whole collection - the scrap ideas are zooming thorugh my brain at the thought of having all those goodies!! Sure hope you pick me!!!


oooh i want some too! your products are so absolutely awesome! pretty pretty please??


Please count me in on this wonderful giveaway love my rusty...

Heather Wilson

I have four kids and I can totally relate to craziness!! I would love to have some of yours! pretty please!!!


Crazy! you bet..but a good kind of crazy if I get to own this big lot!!! who ever gets it will be darned lucky!


Hilary Braidwood

As my 22 month old would say "ohhh WOW!"

Rachel V

OMG! I can hardly imagine! Thanks for the chance. :)


I have four cats. Craziness is an every day occurrence!!

And when are you coming to the Lone Star State? The South needs some love too!


Ok you guys are just gettin crazy now! But I'll take me a pack of craziness any day! Seriously, I love your products - thanks for the chance.

V Reed

Wow! What an amazing give away! I can't wait to see who the lucky person is! Hopefully, it's me. :)



How cool is that! Pick me! Pick me! hehehe

Natalie Steinberg

Love the CRAZINESS!!! That basically is my life! Nursing school, 6 yr. old and 20 month old, craziness is just an everyday thing!! What fun!


OMG I KEEP POSTING in the wrong place... and to late.. This would be the perfect birthday present for me.. Thanks for being Orignal, fun , fresh. The design team is fabulous along with your customer service and product nothing better.. My LSS puts a package aside for me soon as it comes in and calls.. RUSTY PICKLE is the best..
I always make sure to go to the booth and stock up for each show I go to.as well.
Good luck back East Coast hope the weather is good. I'm sure you will knock their pickles off..


Oh Pick me! Pick me! *picture me with my hand way up in the air!!* :)
Would love ANY RP, but a WHOLE pack!! Now that's what I call CRAZY!


I would love to win a whole pack!!

Erin Gudge

Woah, really????? Are you serious????????

Too cool!

Robyn W

craziness, yep me all over, pick me


If one word describes everything about me, my family and our life it is crazines!!! I LOVE RUSTY PICKLE!!!!!!!


I would love to win this for my Mama she is a Rusty Pickle nut... I'm entering for her.. http://javaortea4me.blogspot.com/


Does having 4 month old twins who have just started weaning, and a 2 year old currently trying to make up his mind whether to be toilet trained count as craziness? To win some scrum-diddly-umptious RP would certainly help to take my mind off the weaning/toilet training messes I've had to clean up today!

Marci K

Wow, that IS crazy. They don't carry RP products at out LSS, but I'm trying to talk them into it. Great looking stuff. I'm looking forward to the class at CKU Chicago!

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