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February 13, 2008


Marilyn G

Pirate Princess! I bet this class will be FUN!!
Sunny Cali.{sigh} sounds a million times better than bitter icy North Virginia.


Yes, time to come over to the east coast Lance!!!!!!!

Mary Satterfield

I'm and east coast girl and we would love to have you here. Love Rusty Pickle

Shelly McCabe

Sounds great. Have a safe trip Lance. Pack warm clothes because if you are anywhere north of SC, you'll be cold.


Oooh a RP class with Lance, sounds like a rockin fun time!

julie corfield

Your products are so inspirational...I take photos to match your papers!!!!

jeanette brooks

Oh, so wish I could be there to take this class. I know it will be tons of fun!


I have my very own "pirate princess" here at my house!

Deb L

I wish I lived closer! :o(

Tracy Stillwell

Wish I could've made it! :( Torrance isn't too far from me!!! I'm sure it was a big success!

kelli smith

I am so looking forward to taking the class this weekend with Lance. This is going to be so much fun.


Nothing better than rusty pickle that's for sure.. Your stuff totally rock and orignal nothing better.

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