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June 16, 2008


Gloria L.

Wow, Lance! What a fun time! Say hi to Donna for me, and try to be good!
Gloria L.


busy busy busy -- but sounds like a TON of Fun! Have a great time!

pomaika'i scrapaloha

Crikey, have a blast!!! Enjoy!


sounds like a great time



Hi Lance!

Thanks for the amazing time at Pien's!
I had such a good laugh!!!

Check this out (if you have the time and are not taking pictures at some corner with a Pirate Princes ;-))


I did not use our 'pirate picture' jet, I will scrap that one soon and send you the link!

Thanks for the great time!
Next time you're in Holland, please email your scheduele, 'cause I heard you where at so much more places, I only found out about 2. I'll try to be there next time and try to pay more attention and work harder... :D

Many greetings and godemogel from Leontien,

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