June 28, 2009


Heidi Erickson

Good luck ladies..


My perfect day would start by sleeping in :) No running to school or swim lessons. Then a wonderful breakfast followed by dh taking the girls for the day. Then my scrappy friends would show up with snacks and supplies and we would spend the day scrapping and chatting having a great time!

Tracey Locher

Good luck, everyone!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!

Janice Grodsky

My perfect day would start after a GREAT night sleep! Hot coffee and crumb cake for breakfast... I never eat that and I LOVE it! Then spend a few hours with my DH and DS out in the pool on a not too hot summmer day! They would go off to have to some daddy/son time and I'd stay home in my scrappy space! I'd get a few friends on Skype and we'd have a crop with scrappin' and chattin'! Of course, we'd all have our favorite snacks, drinks and Rusty Pickle products... mojo would be endless!! Awe... make it so!!
Thanks... and Good Luck Racers!

Lotti B

The Perfect Day would have to be a fantasy - so I would have a clean house, top to bottom. Kids would all get along and listen the first time. Dinner would be catered and cleanup would be done by someone else. I would have uninterrupted scrap time w/friends. The weather would be gorgeous, not hot not cold...just right. I would hit all the sales for the things we need and stumble on a deal or two for things we want. =) Ahhh...

Erin Gudge

My perfect day would be one with no kids fighting, someone else cleaning the house, yummy meals with no clean up, no cleaning, did I mention no cleaning? And lots of scrappy time and family time. :)

Kerryn Fry

My perfect day would be to sleep past 7.00am, have breakfast waiting for me and the housework magically done while we were all asleep. Then for DH and DS to go out for the day, yes I mean the WHOLE day and I can sit home in silence and scrap my little heart out!

Cortnee Brewer

A perfect day, I have a few of them. But here's one...To visit my friends in Tennessee and have a scrap booking party. Last time I was there, it was an all day thing, with delicious food and LOTS of awesome scrap stuff all over the tables. It was so much fun, especially for this "newbie" scrapper.


Ladies - you rocked leg 2!!! Can't wait to see leg 3.

My perfect day includes sleeping in, waking up to a spotless house, kids playing quietly and contentedly together, scrapbooking with friends, reading a book in silence in a hot bubble bath!! And finishing it off curled up by the fire with my family!!


My perfect day would be to sleep in then scrap all day while eating whatever I want like chocolate for breakfast :)

Kim G

Whew! I am tired from just trying to keep up on the different message boards! Keep it going Amazing Race Ladies! Loved all the mini-books.....you are inspiring me....can't wait to see what the next challenge brings

Dina M

My perfect day would start by sleeping in and then having a yummy breakfast with my family. After that we would go to the pool and hang out until it was time for me to go scrap with my friends ..... how nice would that be!


My perfect day would be cool and sunny. My family and I would wake up by ourselves - w/ no alarm! We'd spend the day together just playing, or going to the park. No chores, no cooking (we'd eat out!), and maybe we'd watch a movie together as a family...or gosh - my hubby and I could go out to eat on a date night! Imagine that! :)


My perfect day would be to push all thoughts of my day job from my mind, lock myself in my scrappy room, send DS and Hubby on an outing of their own and have an abundant supply of mojo!

Good luck everyone in the amazing race!

Kris B

Wow the race contestants have done an amazing job on the minis!!

My perfect day would start with a big breakfast (that somebody else cooked and cleaned up) followed by some relaxation time at the computer catching up on scrapbooking blogs and emails. If I had children I would then love to spend some time as a family outside at a park or such, or inside doing some sort of kiddie project together. Next would be a light lunch followed by an afternoon of scrapping. For dinner we'd go out to a nice restaurant, probably a steakhouse. Of course, while we are out to dinner, a cleaning crew would come in and scrub and straighten up the house for us! After dinner we would watch a movie as a family until bedtime. Once the kids are asleep for the night, I'd wind down by returning to the computer and getting up to date on my favorite scrapbooking blogs! Ahh :)


My perfect day... sleeping in! Spending the morning with my kids while my husband makes us eggs benny and does all the cleaning up! Then my darling husband will look after the kids for the rest of the day so I could spend a few hours laying in the sun reading my book (it will be sunny on my perfect day) and then the rest of the afternoon scrapping. I'd top it off with a wonderful dinner, again cooked by the amazing dh, a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and I'd get out of the tub to find my kids all clean, scrubbed, dressed and ready for bedtime stories. Then I'd tuck them in all sweet like and go to bed to snuggle with the dh that made it all possible!!

Hmm, now I know what I want for my birthday this year!! ;)

Casey Lu Raymer

My perfect day....would start out with breakfast in bed, the house being cleaned someone other than me for once(not complaining), taken out for a little bit of scrap shopping, spending a few hours scrapping. When done cuddling with my baby Cali, then coloring with my two older kids, and then after the kids are in bed talking and cuddling with my hubby!

Benita Lundgren

My Perfect day would be packing a picnic basket and go away and spend the day in the cool shades and just BE...


Wow...my perfect day would be discovering I have a workshop full of enthusiastic students who are enjoying the creative process of scrapbook design!


I really had to think about the perfect day for me...only because i already feel as though i have perfect days in my life. But the one thing that is missing is to be able to scrap with my on-line friends in real life...so spending some real time with them and scrapping would be the only thing in my life that would make it a perfect day!!!!

Louise  #3903

my perfect day would have to be spending it with my 7yr old granddaughter who I don't get to see very often!

Scossie Jane

My perfect day...... As the mother of two adult children (who have children of their own)... to have them little for one day, playing and squabbling.... the house is too quiet now....
Thank God for grandchildren....


My perfect day would be spent with a bucketload of paper and embelishments, no kids, no phone and no interuptions!


My Perfect Day...
It would begin with sleeping in, waking up to some snuggles from DH, breakfast of biscuits and gravy, Starbucks coffee, some scrapping time, lunch at LeGrands, going hiking or to the Botanical Gardens and then dinner at Apolonia! That would be my perfect day!

Celeste B.

My perfect day would definitely including scrapping. Before the day was over though, a massage and pedicure and a glass of wine and nice dinner.

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