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July 04, 2009


Jodi Ethington

No doubt in my mind where we are headed.

Heidi Erickson

Good Luck Ladies on this leg of the race.. Hope everyone is having a Happy 4th of July.


OOOhh I know where this clue leads!
Good luck ladies!


Happy 4th everyone!


Good luck ladies!

Lynda aka arlsmom

We spent the day at a bbq with friends...watching the kiddos play and catching up... there was even a rib-cookoff!!! yummy!


Watched the Capital Fourth concert -- it was wonderful with Jersey boys, Barry Manilow, AND Sesame Street.

Rainy day -- but we had a great time! Can't wait to get my hands on the new stuff!

Kerryn Fry

Well being an Aussie family, we spent the day shopping and then we did some gardening together. Happy 4th of July to all American girlies!!


We assembled our new patio furniture and then enjoyed a "not as hot as usual" afternoon on the patio. Tonight we drove 25 miles to a fourth celebration right by the military base. It seems more patriotic surrounded by soldiers!

Robyn W

went looking for my mojo to make card for the last challenge...failed dismally, you could send me new stuff to get me going again ....lol

Dina M

spent the day with family and friends at the pool, cooked out and then watched fireworks together. A wonderful day!

liz aka javagirl

Breakfast, shopping, a movie then a harbor cruise to see fireworks.. It was just a fabulous day... Went by so so quic

Kristine B

I spent my 4th of July celebrating the fact that we learned on the 3rd that we are *** pregnant *** through IVF after many years of infertility!! It is so exciting to be expecting our first child!!!


We spent out day relaxing, hoping my DH would feel better!
Then we spent the evening with friends... BBQ'ing and playing in the pool!!

GLoria L.

Eating watermelon!
Gloria L.


We stayed home with our fur baby... she does not like all the noise, so we try to keep her calm... lots of home cooked meals over the weekend!


i spent the day scrapping!!! it was a rainy day and there is nothing better than scrapping on a rainy day!!!!!


Went to the OBX for a few days prior to the 4th...and wound up staying! LOL. Stayed on the beach to see the fireworks on the 4th after laying out all day, then drove the 2 hours home. I wouldn't have traded the exhaustion for anything, though!

tammy roland

I spent some time with my daughter scrapbooking while my husband played monster trucks with our son.

We played in our pool, bbq'd, and watched fireworks up on our roof.

It was a nice relaxing weekend with the family.

Misty Willis

We Bar-b-qued and had lots of watermelon...which turned into a seed spittin' contest! The thing I loved the most, was being with my family and friends...and having a great time! Kids eating watermelon, men playing horseshoes, and women taking pictures and laughing at it all...how much more American is that!!! he~he


I spent the 4th weekend w/my family. We swam, played at the park and went to a local festival then stayed for fireworks. Then spent Sunday relaxing at home. Its nice to just take a break every once in a while :)

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