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July 13, 2009



WOO HOO!!!! So excited!!!!! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!!!!! Now I need a shirt ;)

Pamela Young

Oh my goodness...thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I am SO excited about this!!! Congrats to the other five! Wish we all could have made it, I'm so glad they are giving those other 6 another chance!

Janice Grodsky

Woohoo Congrats to ALL the new Design Team winners!!

Kristine B

Congratulations to everyone!


Congrats to all the new Chef's. It was a blast running with you. Good luck to you all!!
You did an amazing job!!!

Kathie Davis

Congrats to all...it truly was an amazing race! I look forward to the others joining soon thru pubs with their creations!



Well done girls, well deserved

Jodi Ethington

Congrats ladies. You all had great and amazing work.

liz aka javagirl

Yeah.. It was amazing and Congrats to all.

Alycia Sanders

Congrats to you AMAZINGLY TALENTED GIRLS! You all do STELLAR work! And to the other six, don't be discouraged...YOU CAN DO IT, get three pubs and you're in! =) That's how I made the team.

Tasha Anderson

yes ladies, don't you fret your pretty little heads, we will get you ALL!!! We got 4 out of 5 last time, all the chefs will help, it's a walk in the park. We would love to add all of you and all the chefs will help make it possible.
Thanks to everyone for all of their participation, blood, sweat, tears, and thanks to all the families who went without meals and possibly clean underwear!!


Congrats everyone! And we are so gonna be helping the others of your to get the pubs! You are ALL amazing people and scrappers!

Heidi Erickson

Congrats Ladies !!!!! Everyone's work was amazing.. You ran an awesome race ♥

Becky W.

WOOHOO!! Hooray for Beth :)

Julie Hill

Thank You so Much RP for this amazing opportunity..I am super excited and can't wait for my first assignment...WOW I am a Rusty Pickle Chef Amazing.......
Congrats to the 5 that have be picked as well and Good Luck to the remaining 6 You can do it...


YAY Everyone!!!! Sooo happy for you Beth!!!

Beth Root

Yippppeeee......I am so excited!!!
I love Rusty Pickle and am honored to be a Chef. Congrats to the new chefs and the soon to be chefs, too. You are all wonderful gals and I enjoyed getting to know all of you along this race! Hugs!

Rose Ann in oHIo

Wow, Way to Go Pamela and all the new DT!! Congratulations!!

Beth M.

Congrats to the winners!

Debbie Standard

Congrats girls! Awesome team!

Misty Willis

congratulation to all you super talented ladies! You ALL have amazing talents!

Janice Grodsky

I just have to say Congratulations again to all the NEW Chefs!! Also.... a BIG THANK YOU to Rusty Pickle for my "Happy Mail"... I love my NEW goodies!! They ROCK! ;)


Woohoo ladies....congratulations to my girls Beth and Julie :) I'm so happy for you.


Congrats, Ladies!! Your work is amazing and it was really fun to follow along!

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