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September 24, 2007



woohoo, can't wait to explore the new blog!

Lucy Chesna

Congrats ......

This is alot of fun ...Hi Tasha and the RP gang...I hope you had a great weekend


Ooooh - what fantastic giveaways!! Cannot wait to get my hands on the new RP acrylics!!!!

Julie - iamstmpin@aol.com

What a great contest! Love the new Blog! Can't wait to get the new RP goodies!

Julie M

OK - this time it's gonna be me!!! (Or perhaps not!). Love the new products, especially French Market, and looking forward to checking the blog often - it's right there in my favourites now.

Janie Boots

I am so loving this everyday the excitement mounting the anticipation building ooooooohhhhhh this is os cool.. Congratulations Wendy

Maybe someday I'll win something hehe

Christine W

Giving it another whirl!!!! Thanks for the awesome blog. I have made it a daily spot to check out each morning!!!


Love playing with the Pickle Products!!


Does anyone know if the artwork from the Pickle Party finalists will be posted on the website? I'm dying to see all the wonderful art from these ladies!

Lori Borntreger

Gotta love Rusty Pickle!!!!! Way to go on the new Website!!


Just found the blog today....clever title! Apparently I'm the one who's rusty to get here so late!


I really love the colors in the French Market line. That is an awesome line of papers and I love the new christmas lines too! They are great. The new acrylic albums are fantastic. I can't wait to try my hand at scrapping in a clear album. Hi Libby and all the other fantastic chefs!! You do awesome work.


Congrats on the new blog--I'm super excited to hear about all the new products, and can't wait until they show up in my LSS!

Linda F.

These give-aways are so great! Wow! Another acrylic album! Cool!

Melissa Diaz

This is so FUN... thanks for doing this! What awesome prizes!!!

Melissa Diaz


Congrats Wendy :)

Lindsay K.

when can we get kristan paolacci back to houston to teach some classes?

love that you started an "official" blog! looking forward to getting inspiration from here until kristan's next visit!

Deb L

Excited to see your new blog!! RP is one of my favorite lines of paper and other yummy stuff! Looking forward to what you share with us all here! :o)

serena repsold

Ooh! I love, love love your products! Now I have added your blog to my daily repetoire of blog surfing. Thanks for being so cool!

Serena Repsold

serena repsold

Ooh! I love, love love your products! Now I have added your blog to my daily repetoire of blog surfing. Thanks for being so cool!

Serena Repsold

Shauna Benwell-Johnston

I've got a bad back - can't walk only shuffle, can't stand only sit or lay down - spoke to my doctor he said I need a prescription of journal stamps and an album - he's sure that would make me jump and skip - here's hoping as I am having a truly miserable time at the moment. thank you for reading my post.
The english shuffling scrapbooker.


Congrats Wendy J!!
Happy Monday to all the RP Gang... this Chef's are all inspiring to me! These give-a-way's are so much just to read all the comments! A total bonus if you win!! ;)


Love the new acrylic albums! Know what I would love even more??? Winning me some pickle prizes! LOL!


I'm loving the blog! The gallery is just fabulous! :-D

Ami Diekemper

Congratulations Wendy J!
I cannot wait to try one of your acrylic albums...even if I have to buy it!!! hahaha!

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