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July 17, 2008


Amy Wing

I loves me some Rusty Pickles!

Billie Sue Richter

Rusty Pickle is my favorite line of scrapbook stuff.

Kazan Clark

You have got to love these papers - they are sooo divine :)

Wendy Lust

What a fun giveaway! I would love to win some Rusty Pickles!


How wonderful of you RP ! I excited just thinking about it!

wendi robinson

wow you guys rock and are just LOVIN your new fun lines!!!! Wish I could be at CHA to see ya!!


I LOVE the new Candy Land line. It looks like so much fun.

Trace Geworsky

I am all about the pickle!!!!!!
Trace G

Ami D.

Really loving the bold colors.

Brandy C

The papers are great..thanks for the chances to win!

Beth Warren

Love the new papers, have an awesome time at CHA!

Laura Warren

Love the new halloween line!


Love it all!

pomaika`i scrapaloha

Sweet! What a fun give away! Awesome job with these designs! Thanks for the chance to win! I still can't believe how vibrant those Candyland colors are!!

Erin Gudge

I love CHA, it makes me so happy to see all the new goodies that I'll be buying! :)


OMG Lance... pick me....

choose me... ohhh pretty please... w/ a cherry on top!

Kim in MN

I'm lovin' the new stuff!!


Just saw your new lines and I'm in love!

Kim Galea

Now if those papers in the Candyland line aren't the most juicy, yummy, brightly colored papers with so many possibilities I've seen, then I don't know what are!!! Would love to get my dirty little hands on some of those and dive right in!

Dana J

Oh wow! I can't wait to see IRL! Thanks!!


Candy Land is GREAT! How cute is that!!?!!

melody z

whoa...yummy stuff! lovin that candy land!

Jennifer Love

Can it hurry up and be August so we can get our new stuffs? :D


Cool! A second chance! As I mentioned on Day 1, Candy Land is my favorite!

Sue Bone

I'd love some Candy Land.

Enjoy CHA


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