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December 11, 2009



LOVE blog hops! :)


Hopping on over!

Nadia Cormier

How fun is this...The projects are all awsome, but i'm in love with Dawn's calender... it's soooooo cute!

Jill P

Really enjoyed the hop! I loved both of the Christmas houses - one by Brenda and the one by Cathleen (especially the Santa on the rooftop) but Dawn's calendar just really caught my eye!

Pam Spradlin

I really enjoyed the blog hop. I got lots of inspiration from all those chefs. My favorite to try to duplicate is the advent calendar by Dawn. I am hoping to have it done by next Christmas.... But both of the houses were cute also. And the star from Pamela and the stocking holder...well, I guess I liked them all. Thank you Rusty Pickle for the blog hop.


It was my first "hop" ever and i enjoyed it very much!
I fell in love with the house Cathleen made. It is one of my favorites. You've all inspired me! thanks for hopping!


Everyone did a great job! I think my favorite was Pam's star project! But the two houses were amazing! So many great ideas all around! Thanks for a fun hop!


Pam's star project was my FAVE!!!!


I really enjoyed this blog hop, so many great projects. my favorites are Brenda's and Cathleen's houses.
Thanks for the fun.

Larissa Rodgers

The hop was just as fun as the last one i joined in on!! I think my favorite project was Brendas house, it was just super cute!!

LG Belarmino

Done hopping and I enjoyed it. Everybody's works are amazing and very creative. I adore Branda's Doodlebug house


I loved both Dawn's advent calendar and Cathleen's little house. Too cute with the Santa and reindeer flying along the rooftop.


Everyone had some really cool stuff for the hop! I liked Mandi's the best! Very cool!


This blog hop was INCREDIBLE!!! I can't decide which is my favorite project...was it the house with the riendeer on the roof...or the glass balls....or maybe it was the garage redo! Oh, I just can't decide, they were all beautiful and very inspiring! Thank you!

margie c

What an inspiring blog hop! I love all of the creations!!!
As much as I love those adorable lil houses, my fave is the advent calendar! I just purchased one and cannot wait to get it all put together this weekend :)

Thanks for putting this together and sharing with us!
Happy Holidays :)
~ margie


i loved the hop, so inspiring :D

love pamela's star, the cooking advent calendar and the house with santa and all the reindeer on it :D

everything was so beautiful :D


My two favorite projects were Dawn's advent calendar and Mandie's mini brag book. All of the projects were fabulous however.

silvia haynes

I enjoyed all of the eye candy along the blog hop. My absolute favorite project is Cathleen's altered house. I just love all the details like Santa on the rooftop and the tree in the window.

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

So glad to see action on this blog. You guys are so inspiring, and I love blog hops... so here I go!


Hopping over!!


This was my very first blog hop and I'm off to find more! Wow! How Cool is this!!!? I loved Tiff's garage makeover and layout of her son....the glass ornaments with crinkled paper...the ornaments made with strips of paper rolled up and attached...and, of course the Santa House with reindeers and all!!! How can we decide a favorite? Hullllllllooooo!!!! ALL of the projects are just fabulous! Thanks for the ride! Mary


What what fabulous ideas! I love the ornaments, but my favorite by far is Tiff's garage~ I think maybe we should pitch a new show idea.....amazing scraproom make overs!


I have to say that my absolute favorite was the repurposed star! Thanks for a great blog hop!


I absolutely LOVED everyone's projects for the Blog Hop, but my favorites were Tracey's ornaments and the cute Christmas Houses...Thanks for all of the fun ladies!!!

Amy Oxford

I just finished your AMAZING blog hop, and I have to say I absolutely LOVE Dawns Advent Calender. It's such a beautiful idea and one that I am definately going to be trying out for next year! Thank you Rusty Pickle for the awesome inspiration.

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