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December 11, 2009



There were so many inspiring projects on this Blog Hop it was hard to choose. But I have to go back to the Advent Calendar, for recipes! I would never have thought of that.

Thank you for all of the ideas!


I am having a hard time picking a favorite. I thought Dawn's calendar was such a clever idea with the recipes in each box but I love the last blog idea for usage of the chipboard sheet and plan to use that one on my own.


Fun hop.... I really liked the Star Tray thrift store find... What a true trash to treasure!

Ann Cicilie

It's so difficult (and unfair) to pick a favourite!

But, hm, I think I'll have to say one of those beautiful decorated houses I saw along my way... It's the kind of things I'm always thinking about making, but never get so far that I do it!

Thanks for a wonderful blog hop :)


Great Blog hop girls, thanks for the inspiration


I did the "hop" and really loved the projects and all the talented people that participated. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I think that Dawn's advent calendar was truly special. I love to cook, and I love sparkle...so, she gets my vote.


Loved all of the projects. It is hard to pick just one as a favorite, but I have to say it is Cathleen's House. Santa and the reindeer made it special. Thanks to all of you for sharing your ideas and projects. Merry Christmas to all of you and your families.!!


Blog hopping is great that for the ideas Everyone did a great job but I loved Tiff's use of the chipboard and Dawn's Advent calendar was beautiful.. Thanks

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

I had a really fun time on this hop. So sorry to hear about Lyndon, and my prayers are with him and his family. I got so much inpsiration from you ladies. I don't nkow which I loved the most. I'm a regular reader of Pam's, and her stuff is always great. But all of you did amazing things. I'll be trying some of it on this aft. You're awesome. Thanks gals. It was a good time!!! :)

Sally Cranney

What a fun blog hop! I loved all of the projects but I think my favorite was Brenda's little house. Such an adorable project!

Kerri  Norrod.

I loved Dawns Advent Calendar. It was really beautiful.


I loved all the projects but Dawn's Advent Calendar was my favorite! I had fun!!

Juicy Couture

I had this website saved a while in the past but my computer crashed.

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